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Why Cheryl?

I have worked in, and written for, a mid-sized manufacturing company for over 15 years. I’ve also spent several of those years as a business buyer. So I have firsthand experience with the important role that each piece of marketing material must play. I have been on the receiving end of some incredible marketing campaigns. I have also received a far greater number that were destined for the trash heap.

It takes a certain voice to speak to a business buyer. You have to understand their challenges, and exactly how your product can offer them relief.

For example, while your product may target the Production Manager, it must also find it’s way into the heart of the IT Manager who needs to help implement the system.

Coming from a manufacturing background, I know who to ask and how to present what I find. I dig deeper to find the real nuggets of information that your customers need to hear.

This experience allows me to hit the ground running.


What I enjoy most, are the people I talk to.

Outside of my experience, my approach to each project is what sets me apart.

I seek out the engineer that most people find puzzling. I have found, if you take the time to listen to them, they will reveal fascinating tidbits behind the products. Most often, your engineer will help determine your unique selling point.

What about the product users? Who better to explain what your product does for them, and how it makes their lives easier? They will help you understand your target audience on a deeper level.

Finally, the product design team. What problem in the industry are they trying to solve through introducing this product? Has it been addressed before? If so, they can tell you how your product is better than what is already available.

This attention to detail will ensure your value statements are clear.

No product is boring. Behind every product or service is a captivating story waiting to be told. That’s what I do. I find the stories hiding behind your products and services. I tell the stories your customers want to read.

I love writing for manufacturing.

Why? Manufacturing is at the heart of so many things. I bring my passion and experience to every project that I work on.

Check out the services I offer.



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